Patient Testimonials


“My teeth are gorgeous! You are truly an artist to make me look so good and feel so good about myself. You are all so kind and thoughtful. I cannot thank you enough!”

– Kathy M.


“I wanted to write you to let you all know what a wonderful experience it was having my teeth whitened through your office. Not only am I thrilled with the final outcome of a whiter, brighter, and happier smile but I have nothing but superlatives to say about the whole process! Your staff is knowledgeable, professional, warm, and courteous offering very helpful anticipatory guidance. I’ve had multiple friends who have given up on bleaching, due to tooth sensitivity, who were not as lucky in terms of having a supportive dental staff to guide them through the process. The staff deserves to hear what a wonderful job they do! One separate note…I was also very impressed with Dr. Bengtson’s thorough oral/neck exam performed as part of a routine maintenance dental exam.

– Fondly, Dr. C


“My husband and I have been patients since they began their practice. When we had to move out of state we had to make a decision as to whether we would make the long drive out of state to our dental appointments or stay in Massachusetts and find another dentist. We made the decision to stay. An exceptional dentist is hard to find! Dr. Bengtson is gentle, decisive, thorough and caring. Going to the dentist is never anyone’s favorite way to spend a few hours but Dr. Bengtson is worth it!”

– Laura M.


“A healthy mouth produces a beautiful smile and healthy heart and for that the credit goes to Freese & Bengtson’s Family Dentistry!”

– Nancy G.


“Our family has been very fortunate to have been patients of Freese & Bengtson Family Dentistry for over two decades. All of the staff, from the receptionists, the hygienists, the assistants and of course Dr. Bengtson and Dr. Freese have always treated us with warmth, respect and compassion. Besides our routine checkups and cleanings, we have undergone many different procedures and have been highly satisfied with the treatment and the results of all of our visits. Should anyone require dental work, we would not hesitate to recommend Freese & Bengtson Family Dentistry to them!”

– John L.


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bengtson’s for over 20 years. Words are not adequate to describe what a truly caring group he and his staff are. They have always been available when I had any dental issue. They are amazing! I highly recommend everyone here. They have become like family and this (former) dental coward looks forward to seeing them all. He and his staff are the best kept secret in Concord!

– Dawn L.


“Dr. Freese and Dr. Bengtson are dedicated to their profession, and experts in what they do. I have not only undergone general cleaning and maintenance on my teeth, but have received capping, bonding, and whitening services as well. The top-notch care, attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is only part of what Dr. Freese and Dr. Bengtson provide to their patients. They offer a warm and inviting reception room, stocked with the best choices of magazines and walls adorned with charming pictures of their family. Aside from the appealing environment, their friendly office staff are very cognizant of their patient’s time. They work very hard arranging appointments around busy schedules. If they are running late, which is rare, the office calls to advise their patient of the delay, so that less of their time is spent waiting. I have noticed, over the years, there has been very little turnover of staff. This is a true testament to the fact the employees enjoy working for both doctors. This is also apparent in the professional and friendly way the staff relates not only to their patients, but amongst themselves. My dental visits ensure me of a healthy mouth, but they have also become an opportunity for me to catch up and stay in touch with dear friends. I highly recommend Freese & Bengtson Family Dentistry to all who want from their dentist professional care and thoughtful advice on the treatment of their teeth. I guarantee you they will keep you smiling!”

– Robin S.


“The Freese & Bengtson team has cared for three generations of our family. We consider them our generational dental bridge. They’ve kept three generations of our family smiling!”

– Craig W.


“Freese & Bengtson Family Dentistry and “The Gang” at 16 Wall St. are THE GREATEST! They always make you feel like you are their only patient. They truly are caring people and you can tell that everyone enjoys what they do. Upon arrival you immediately relax. Regardless of what you are having done you are confident and comfortable in their hands. They never fail to explain everything that is going to happen. From the beginning to the end they continually ask how you are doing, carry on conversations that you feel a part of and, when not talking, Dr. Bengtson hums! Gotta love him! You always receive lots of TLC from “Steve and the Gang” or perhaps this should be changed to “Steve and the Family”!”

– Cindy L.


“Thank you for your dexterity and skill in accomplishing your procedure. Well done and thank you for your patience with me. Be blessed in all your future accomplishments along with your family.”

– Mr. C.


“I’m pleased and proud to learn that New Hampshire Magazine has this year “crowned” you as a top tier New Hampshire Dentist in the field of General Dentistry. Please accept my personal congratulations on your recent “coronation”. I’m sure I join your many friends and colleagues in wishing you well on being so recognized. Wear the mantle with pride as it is justly deserved and my personal thanks for being a valued member dentist of Northeast Delta Dental.”

– Sincerely, Tom Raffio, President and CEO